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Silversig Retirement Home

Tannie Wat Lag

SAVF Huis Silversig was established on 13 September 1980 as a Home for the frail Elderly. We are located at 513 Jasmine Avenue, Silverton, Pretoria. SAVF Huis Silversig provides 24-hour care for 125 frail elderly people

We cater for women with Dementia in a closed unit. This unit is located on the ground floor and opens through sliding doors onto the garden. Our Home has 24 hour Security Services.

This home is not only a home for the elderly, but will become your home.

Our Home has a comfortable garden in which you can relax

Rooms are comfortably furnished


  • The home has double rooms, four-bed rooms and a limited number of single rooms..
    • The Double Rooms are available at R 8000
    • The Four-Bed Rooms are available at R 8000
    • The Single Rooms are available at R 9000
      You can also apply for a subsidy - Please contact the Manager
  • There is a large dining room as well as smaller dining rooms in each dilapidated hall.
  • Our Home is close to a number of private hospitals, state hospitals and clinics.
  • A private doctor visits patients with a medical aid in the home.
  • A state doctor visits state patients weekly in the home.
  • Our Home uses blister packs for medication.
  • Our Home transports patients to nearby doctors and hospitals with companions.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Laundry services.
  • Three meals a day, as well as two tea sessions.
  • Security services.

24 hour nursing




Dining room


Visiting Area


Questions and Answers

Do you have any other questions? Send us a message and we will do our best to help you.

The monthly rate is as follows:
  • Single room: R 9 000
  • Double room: R 8 000
  • A limited number of subsidized beds are available.
  • A one-time fee of R 2 000 is available
  • If a person wears nappies, the amount is R 2500.
    1. You can download and complete the forms on this website.
    2. You can contact the office at any time with inquiries. Feel free to call us on 081 389 6595 or 0128048066/7.
    3. When all the forms have been completed, contact the office.
    4. There will then be an assessment held with the prospective resident and family by the Manager, Matron, Social Worker and Financial Officer.
    5. If the person is hospitalized, the assessment team will visit the prospective resident in the hospital.
    6. If the person is out of town, a social worker report is required.
    7. Thereafter, the person may be admitted on the date as agreed.

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